everStick products, a family of fiber products coming from Finland, utilizes bundled e-glass fibers in a polymer/resin gel matrix that is used in combination with composite resins for various minimally invasive dental procedures. The unidirectional fiber bundle, in combination with composite resins, can be used for periodontal splinting, direct one-visit bridge fabrication, composite reinforcement as well as post-ortho stabilization.

Like Primagen, there is a strong scientific research background and follow-up for the technology. We have been using it in combination with Primagen since 2003 for:

  • Periodontal splinting
  • One-visit bridge fabrication
  • Fiber post fabrication

The Stick products we sell are everStick perio and everStick Crown & Bridge. The difference between the the two is the number of fibers – the Perio version contains about 2,000 fibers in a 1.2 mm diameter strand and the Crown & Bridge version contains about 4,000 fibers in a 1.5 mm diameter strand.

Fibers in gel packaging prior to being cut:

Cross section of fiber demonstrating structure:

An early clinical case showing the use of everStick Perio for full-arch intra-coronal periodontal splinting in combination with direct bridge fabrication, replacing a removable device that had been worn for teeth #’s 23 and 26.

Pre-operative state and after full-arch intra-coronal placement of everStick Perio fiber bundles bonded with Primagen:

After completion with direct composite layup of pontics for teeth #’s 23 and 26. In addition to periodontal stabilization, the need for an an uncomfortable removable device was eliminated:

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