Primagen is an advanced high-performance adhesive system that expands the practice of adhesive dentistry. The bonds formed using Primagen are highly robust and durable, and based on lab data and over four years of clinical experience, unsurpassed.

Primagen will change the way you practice restorative dentistry. Users routinely practice minimally invasive dentistry on load and non-load bearing surfaces, saving extensive amounts of chair time.


The PRIMAGEN® molecule was created by the Biomaterials Interfaces Group, a research consortium of three universities in Montreal. The molecule was developed into a high-performance adhesive system by BioMat Sciences, a company in the business of developing advanced materials for improving oral health. The results of these efforts culminated in the launch of PRIMAGEN®.

Our Philosophy

To produce high-quality materials that make a meaningful difference. We define new generation adhesives by advances in science that improve the integrity of adhesion to tooth structure, not by the number of bottles opened. Such new generation materials truly bring benefits to practitioners and patients by making practice easier and improving the bottomline, all this while improving the quality of care. BioMat is interested in quality — not in compromise.

Our Approach

We have been in the adhesion business for over 15 years, first in academics, and now in the technology sector. We have been leaders in understanding what makes adhesion to tooth structure work well. We take the approach that it is best for clinical practice to optimize each step of adhesion promotion to produce the best and most reliable results possible.

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