Case Histories

Two-year Primagen-bonded no prep Class V restorations – note that there is no “brown line” stain at the margins.

Dental Restoration Case 1

Complete molar reconstruction using Primagen on remaining root (seen as the “yellowish” structure at the gingival quarter) and directly placed composite at 1.5 years – there are no pins, no posts.

Dental Restoration Case 2

Premolar reconstruction at 5 years using Primagen-retained composite – no pins, no posts. Lingual wall had fractured just above the gingival crest, and an old MOD amalgam had been removed prior to restoration. The buccal wall was the only intact remaining tooth structure.

Dental Restoration Case 3

The following image illustrates the use of Stick-Tech fibers used to build a fiberglass bridge framework in the mouth to replace a missing tooth #25. The Stick Tech fibers were bonded to teeth #’s 24 and 26 with Primagen and composite. A composite pontic was directly laid up on the framework, replacing tooth #25. The image below the shows the bridge 3 years later.

Dental Restoration Case 4

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