Product Description

Primagen Kit, Dental Restoration, Oral BondingPRIMACID
Exposes collagen (the predominant tooth protein) while delivering powerful adhesive molecules into the full depth of the demineralized zone. Unlike self-etching primers which may continue to etch after polymerization, demineralization with PRIMACID is controlled.

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Primagen Engineered Primer

Penetrates collagen fibrils, and reacts with PRIMACID residue to form a strong anchor to collagen. Primer subsequently reacts with Interfacial Resin placed as an overlayer.

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Primagen, Interfacial Resin, Dental RestorationINTERFACIAL RESIN
A coupling layer that mixes with ENGINEERED PRIMER to bond the primed collagen layer to restorative materials and subsequently react with the composite resin placed.

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